Will my computer run games at high settings like bf4, skyrim, etc.

My computer Specs are
Cpu: AMD fx-6300 3.5ghz (4.1ghz boost)
graphics card: Geforece GTX 660
Memory: 8 gb
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  1. Skyrim, yes no problem. BF4, I think you'll do a mix of medium/high settings @1080. It's a GPU intensive game.
  2. what in your opinion should be my next upgrade
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    totally depends on your budget. also, it won't be able to run modded skyrim (so cloud, texture, lighting packs etc.), otherwise it will do fine though and i think battlefield will even run on a mix of high/ultra settings.
  4. I don't like to uncheck solutions because that's up to the thread author to do, but I disagree. That 660 would struggle with any Ultra settings. BF4 is a very GPU intense game. High is fine @1080. But the averages for a 660 on High is in the low 50s and that's when nothing going on.,3634-7.html
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