New pre-built computer running slow!

Hi i recently bought a new gaming pc from and it is really slow and im not sure if something is faulty or not, i have another hdd i tested and it was still like that and its brand new! every time i try to move the mouse or open a program is just says not responding HELP!... here is my computer i bought:
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  1. Change they PSU and reformat the computer!
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    as it a pre built and it was shipped. check the cpu cooler and gpu cooler make sure there on and fan workings rihgt. check that all the ram is seated and the video card is seated. run cpu-z and gpu-z make sure everything read fine. look under device manager for any missing drivers. go to amd web page download the newest motherboard chipset and gpu drivers. check for any bios updates for the mb. try another mouse see if the mouse went bad. try booting into safe mde see if it an app.
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