Blue screen, then disc check, now locked after "loading operating system"

Hi All,

I have a home built system running Windows 7 (x64) off of an SSD that has been working great for 2 years. Yesterday I started to get blue screens of death, and today it happened fairly frequently. I installed a new graphics card, but that was a month ago, and I have not installed any new software.

To try and fix it, I went and updated my graphics card driver and checked for any windows updates. I then chose to check the hard drive for errors. I checked both "Automatically fix file errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors." I needed to restart since it was off the drive running Windows (I also have a secondary HDD where I run my other programs and store files).

After restarting, it goes through the motions but after "loading operating system," I get a black screen. Then 8 short white dashes appear in the top left and there is a thin strip of colored pixels that show up and slowly change color at the top of the screen. I don't get any text related to a disc check being run, but the hard disc activity light is lit on the front of my computer.

I have tried loading into safe mode but it is unresponsive to F8. I have tried rebooting from this position multiple times but I can't seem to get Windows to load to even attempt further diagnostics.

Any ideas would be great appreciated.

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  1. Seem like a bad graphic card driver. Try removing the new graphic card you installed. Use the onboard VGA port or just pop in your old graphic card. It should boot. Then you can simply uninstall the driver if it still shows up in device manager. Reinstall the card you took out and install the proper driver.
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