I think I messd up my PC after trying to oc what do I do?

I tried to oc but very time I rebooted it sed oc failed so after a bunch of failed attempts I decided to reset evryting back to default settings but when I tried to reboot after resetting everything it would try to reboot but I wld shut down 4sec into the reboot the screen stays black the hole time
I have a core i5 4670k a Asus z87-c motherboard and a HD 7770
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  1. reboot your bios; your bm should have a clearcmos button; or a switch to toggle between uefi bioses
  2. What did you try to overclock? Your CPU?
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    Turn off and unplug your computer, move the CMOS jumper cap on the motherboard from pins 1-2 to 2-3 for a few seconds, then back to 1-2. Then reboot the computer, your BIOS should have been reset.
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