sapphire hd 7950 3L , both fans turn when pressing the power button to start the system but one fan stops, why?

this is the two fan model. Im trying to trouble shoot this fan issue. this is my first post here. Both fans turn on when pressing the power button to turn the system on but as soon as they both start one stops and stays off. one fan continues to work no problem. the card seems to work fine other than the one fan not working. any ideas? simply a bad fan or some other issue?
the fan is not binding in any way, spins freely when turned by hand. I checked the connections, took apart the card, cleaned, reapplied paste, checked connections and all the wires seem in order. SAPPHIRE 100352-3L Also: long story but no warranty. i may go with a kraken g10 if i cant get it worked out. Second update: the second fan will come on if I manually put the fan speed to 82 percent. both run fine at 82 percent-just a little loud. when i power down the system both freespin the same amount of time so its not a bearing issue. any ideas?
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  1. Go into catalist contro center; and up the fan speed, see iif they both turn on. If not make sure drivers are good, then try to envoke warrenty is still no.
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