Purchased new GPU but still lagging in games alot

I recently purchased a Geforce GTX 650 ti GPU aswell as a AMD A6-5400K APU w/ Radeon TM Graphics 3.6 Ghz CPU and my motherboard is msi fm2-a75ma-e35 so I am just wondering is it one of the parts that could be bottlenecking my system to cause my GPU to perform horribly?
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  1. How badly is your GPU performing and in which games? Also have you made sure your CPU graphics are disabled and the GPU is enabled?
  2. what settings are you using? Because that CPU GPU combo will not play modern games on high or ultra.

    You will have to use low to medium settings.
  3. I am using low settings on Battlefield 4 and it lags basically too bad for me to play and on Soldier Front 2 I play on low and run about 40-60 fps
  4. And in my Device manager it says my GTX 650 ti is enabled
  5. If you upgrade to a 4670k you will probably get rid of some if not most of your lag at low settings.
    You should probably get some gains if you upgrade to the most powerful AMD processor the A10.

    Make sure you have a decent power supply, for a budget i recommend corsair tx series.
  6. Why on earth would you buy an A6-5400k AND a GTX 650 Ti? An APU's CPU side is not really meant to run games designed for powerful GPUs. It's designed to run games that ITS GPU can run properly. It's CPU side lacks L3 cache which is very hampering to gaming performance. Jeez, if you wanted to game, you should have got an FX-6300 on an AM3+ motherboard with that GTX 650 Ti. The GTX 650 Ti is no beast so don't expect high settings like you'd get with a GTX 770 even if you do use a different CPU.
  7. You're correct Avro Arrow - I'm curious what frame rate are you getting with your 7970 (cf) in bf4?
  8. mr91 said:
    You're correct Avro Arrow - I'm curious what frame rate are you getting with your 7970 (cf) in bf4?

    Honestly, I don't know yet because I've been having fun with Steam's holiday sale. I think I got myself at least 7 games (6 of which are AWESOME) for about $50. I haven't purchased BF4 yet and I'm thinking I won't until Mantle has been implemented. I have my eyes on Arkham Origins next. The thing about BF4 is that I could reliably tell you my frame rates in single-player mode only. This is because with online play, frame rates become impacted by internet speeds which are as predictable as the wind. LOL
  9. Ok that's what I thought.. I had a friend help me who said he knew what he was doing as I have no idea what to do with computers but it turns out he doesn't know anything. I am planning to get the FX-8320 Vishera and the GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P Mobo will that be a decent setup going forward? Also, this is my power supply http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182200
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