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Hi. I've been having this problem ever since i first built the computer a couple of weeks ago and me being not very tech savvy, i have basically ran out of ideas. When i first built the computer i booted it all up using the hard drive out of my old pc. That's when i first started to notice the freezes and i presumed that it was just a failing hard drive (even though it worked fine in my other pc), I guess i just wanted peace of mind. Anyway, i got my brand new ssd yesterday and installed windows. Installed the motherboard drivers and the graphics drivers of the disc and everything was running fine, i thought the problem had gone away but it hadn't. My pc had froze while installing a game. No black screen, it just locks up completely unable to do anything unless i hard reset. Now it freezes pretty much within 5 minutes of me entering windows through the log in screen.
I've done a bit of troubleshooting but i can't think of anything else i can do of the top of my head.

Things i have done:
:I thought it might be the GPU so i took it out and swapped it for my old HD 5550-the freezing continued.
:I ran furmark and prime95 to check temps. The gpu didn't get above 70 and my cpu didn't get above 58 on max load.
: I swapped the RAM round in the channels, freezing continued. I tried running it from individual sticks and swapping them around but no.
:i ran windows memory diagnostic tool and found no errors. I'm going to run memtest overnight to see if i can pick up any ram errors.

Things i have't done:
Updated bios. Only wanted to do this on a last resort as i heard it can be tricky.
ran memtest
plus a whole lot more i'm guessing.

I have a funny inkling it might be the motherboard. I got a post screen but no beep and i thought the m5a97 had a built in speaker, plus this thing feels like junk. It bends so much plugging things in even with light pressure. Anyways i'm no computer wizard.

Any help would be much appreciated as this was my little project over Christmas and it's not gone to plan at all so far! i'm on my last whim here. Thanks.

Spec: AMD FX 6300
Asus M5a97 r20
Asus HD radeon 7850 2gb
Corsair 1600 4gb x2
Seasonic m11 620 w
sandisk ssd 128
wdc 1tb
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  1. Try resetting the motherboard. Unplug the PC, and look for the CMOS battery on the motherboard (looks like an oversized watch battery). Remove the battery for about a minute, then pop it back and and reboot.

    It's sounding like a bad motherboard to me though :(
  2. got this same problem couple of months ago and now its back
    my solution is just unplug the SATA cable of to the hard drive and wait for several minutes then plug it back an boot your computer and its just work in my pc
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