hello, i want to install 1 gb graphic card on intel pentium 4 cpu 3.06GHz with asus goldfish2(PTGD1-LA) motherboard

I want to install asus 210 GeForce 1gb graphic card on the above system
please help me whether to install it or not
I am also having 2 gb ddr1 ram
will my motherboard support 1 gb graphic card or not
or which graphic card will be supported by my system
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  1. all motherboards will support your gpu as long as there is no bottle neck(will still work) there is a pci slotram does not matter however if u have ddr1 chances are u dont have a pci slot
  2. no all motherboards will not. it requires a PCI-E slot
  3. closest_num_2_0 said:
    so please tell me can I install a PCI-E slot on my motherboard
  4. Your motherboard does not support a PCI-E card, sorry.
    And how old is your system? I'm guessing 10-11 years.
    Time to get a new system.
  5. cst1992 said:
    so what is the minimum system requirement for installing a graphic card
  6. Don't you know how to use the quote system?
    You have to write BELOW the quote, not overwrite it.
    You'll need a new motherboard, any new motherboard will do.
    $70 should be the minimum amount you'll want to invest in such a motherboard.
    Get PCI-e 2.0 x16 boards. 3.0 x16 should not be needed, as you seem to have a budget for low-end cards.
    Get a good 300/450W psu worth $45 atleast. Don't go for the cheap $15-20 ones.
  7. also make sure the power supply is a good hefty bronze certified never want thosse things to fail i always go with gold myself
  8. intel 61ho mobo , pentium g 2020 processor , 2gb 1333mhz x2 ddr3 ram or asus m5a78lm mobo , amd athlon ii x2 270 , same ram config . get peace with 3 years warranty .
  9. that's an old thread, and an old config. Please don't bump threads.
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