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I showed some people my specs, for a gaming computer. They said instead of a harddrive, I should consider an SSD instead of a Harddrive.

To be specific, 128GB+, they said an SSD drive will boost my performance significantly.

Is it a good idea? How does an SSD work? I heard you cannot defragment one, so how do I keep my computer running fast and optimized? Can I still do disk cleanup?

Thanks for the info and any help!
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    Get Samsung 840 EVO 120 GB + hdd Seagate 64MB cache 1TB . No defrag . ssd is great but not 100% necessary .
  2. whitecat said:
    Get Samsung 840 EVO 12o GB + hdd Seagate 64MB cache 1TB

    The only one I can afford on the build site I am using is the

    120 GB Corsair Neutron GTX SSD -- Read: 555MB/s, Write: 330MB/s


    128 GB ADATA SX900 SSD -- Read: 550MB/s, Write: 520MB/s

    Will either one work? Or should I stick to a harddrive?
  3. An SSD will significantly change the whole experience of the PC. It will not improve the gaming framerate. It will improve level loading times.
    Basically, it's just like a regular drive, but way, way faster.

    As far as 'defragmenting' - no, you don't need to or want to defrag an SSD.
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