building a gaming pc with gtx 780 which processor should i get i5 4650k or i7 4770k

here is the list of component i am going to put in the gaming pc

gtx 780
asus hero
8gb kingson hyperx beast
corsiar 850 tx
2 tb segate storage drive
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  1. obviously, if you can afford a i7, get that. Its faster, and future proof. If not, the i5 will suffice (they are almost identical in performance in current games)
  2. affording is not a problem, i just want to know which one is more sensible buy? and if i get a i5 how much performance decrease i am looking for ? as i mentioned above its strictly for gaming nothing else .
  3. i live in st.petersburg russia over here i can get
    4770k for380 usd
    4670k for 260 usd
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    well for gaming a 4670k is more than enough.
    The core i7 is more for people doing more CPU depending work.
    You would only lose about 3 FPS, which is impossible to tell a difference.
    I would recommend going Western digital instead of seagate, as the are reliabe and for around the same price. something like the western digital black.
  5. If the build is just for gaming, get an i5 and invest in an ssd, amazing speed difference!
  6. You should get an i5 4670K rather than an i7. It has similar performance in gaming and can also overclock really well. And yes as In3rt1a said , you can spend the rest of the money on an SSD or Ram.
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