Wondering what cooler I should get

So a few months ago I built this system:
And didn't get a cpu cooler because my budget was maxed out and i didn't think I would do any overclocking. I regret doing that now, because I am itching to try my hand at overclocking as well as the stock cooler with the 8350 is so noisy, i sit somewhere near it with noise cancelling headphones under heavy load and can hear it...drives me crazy.
So I was curious what people's recommendations for coolers would be, i would like an aesthetically pleasing cooler but it isn't that much of a deal. My budget is ~$100 and I have been looking at both the new Nepton 140xl as well as all the various noctua heatsinks. I would prefer a noctua heatsink if it was an air cooler as that would actually fit the color scheme of my build somewhat nicely...
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    Corsair 100i:
    Currently$99 on Amazon and Newegg
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