Windows 7 Torrent. Problem Booting please help

I had to "downgrade" my computer from windows 8.1 to Windows 7 so a capture card i bought could be compatible. and because windows 8 sucks. But anyways after I Installed and replaced the old OS with the new Windows 7 OS and installed the drivers for my computer. Every so often my computer will randomly shut off as if the powers been pulled. the OS works fine and boots up correctly but maybe 2-3 times a week my computer suddenly turns off instantly and when i go to turn it back on it says i wants me to select were to boot from and press and key to continue, so i turned it back on and F2'ed BIOS. once im at that screen it, i dont know what to do, but regardless of loading BIOS or just turning it on and letting it do its thing, after like 10 or so seconds it "unplugs" again. so i let it sit for about 30 min or so and turn it back on and its fine. I've looked into possible overheating but my laptop wasnt even remotely hot at some instances and im not sure if i and missing a driver or what the deal is but i'd rather it not randomly shut off and make me wait like 30 min before i can use it again.

its a Samsung NP365E5C-SO3US
AMD A6-4400M APU w/ Radeon Grahics 2.7 GHz
6gb ram
not sure what else i need to inculde but if anyone knows an answer that could help and make this, problem not occur anymore that would be very appreciated :) thanks
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  1. what do u means by torrent?

    anyways i thinking this was a laptop overheating problems........
    make sure the lappy well ventilated, try cooling pad if it helps...
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