High memory usage Windows 8 with 8GB RAM makes the computer slow and it's closing down programs

I have a pretty new computer with 8GB RAM and a couple of weeks ago it started to get high memory usage and telling me this in a little infobox. Sometimes it just closing down programs and blames the high memory usage. The memory usage is sometimes over 95 % without any program running. This makes me crazy and I've been looking in alots of forums without finding something that works for me. I'm not very good with computers, so can anybody help me?

My computer:
ACER Aspire E1-571G
Intel Core i7-3632QM 2.2GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 710M with 2 GB Dedicated VRAM
8 GB DDR3 Memory
750 GB HDD
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  1. I have 8gb DDR3 too but i dont see any difference betwen w7 and w8 while im using 8 gb. Its not slowing down bro, its fast :D
  2. lol you know what!, just surfing internet is consuming 95% !!!!!!!! like wtf huh?

    currently, i've heard a lot saying it's win8 bug but not sure yet.
  3. edit: if your excess memory used is in NonPaged pool it will be a bug in a device driver.
    If it is in paged pool it will be in a user mode app or service that you are running.

    you should look at what is using your memory>
    control + atl +del select task manager
    select performance tab, go to the bottom of that screen and click on
    open resourec monitor. now select the memory tab

    You should see a list of all the processes in the system that are using memory
    on my system with just one browser running I am using 2.47 gb physical RAM out of my 24 GB of physical RAM about 10%.

    find the process name that is using all of your RAM and see if you can get updated programs.
  4. Dear pl check the resource monitor and processes to identify if there is hungry ram eater sitting there. Run the MalwareBytes (Free version available as well). It'll check and remove all/any malware that your system has and report the outcome pl.
  5. If you just purchased the computer (within 30 days or less) you should have a pre-installed anti-virus software installed. Try giving your system a full-scan. Do a system cleanup which will remove a ungodly amount of temporary files that IE and other web browsers save. There are a bunch of options you have at hand with the new OS 8 if that is indeed what you have.
  6. Same problem with me, too. When I check the ram consuming programs, the total ram usage seem to be 300-400 mb sth if I sum up one by one. But the total usage seem to be 5.7 gb always around 70% ram consumption. I dont understand what the remaining 5gb used for
  7. Windows loads stuff into your RAM for quick access, but it will of course clear the memory if you're in need of it. So that's why in task manager it will say you're using a lot of RAM but really it's just the win OS helping you out by allowing you to quickly open programs you often use. But this isn't what is causing your problem.

    Some versions of windows will only allow you to use a certain amount of RAM. For example Win 7 basic vs Win 7 home premium, there's a difference I think. Also x32 vs x64 systems: To use more than 2GB(or 3 or 4, can't remember exact number) you need the x64 version of your win OS.

    Make sure none of your memory sticks are broken. Check in windows to see that you have 8gb installed. You can check this in task manager or control panel. Open my computer/explorer and goto Control Panel\System and Security\System

    Other than that you could have background programs running, like a virus or download manager or something. check task manager. But that wouldn't use 8gig of RAM i wouldn't think. So it's probably what you suspect, som e win 8 bug.

    Also make sure that you system is using the dedicated graphics card, not the integrated one. If the system uses the integrated card then it will use RAM to use as its VRAM. Also Win8 uses a lot more memory(graphics) than win7. But still, it shouldn't use anywhere near 8gb.. so.. I don't know.

    Edit 1:
    Also read this thread: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-1842726/memory-leak-windows.html
    It talks about a program "Killer network manager" causing some mem problem. Apparently solved by updating drivers.

    Another idea is to make sure you have all windows updates, and all other programs up to date.

    Edit 2:
    You might also find some use in these programs:
    memtest86 for some memory testing.
    You can also run Windows Memory Diagnostics.

    Also Start->Run->type in "resmon", gives a more detailed view of memory usage than task manager.

    You can also use CPU-Z for info on memory.

    "You can also install and run RAMMap it gives a better display than resmon and has much more information to help solve the problem."

    There could also be a problem with the paging file. Apparentyl having to small of a paging file can cause "out of memory" reports.

    I refer you to this thread for more details on the above
  8. I solved the problem by simply uninstalling the intellipoint program from my computer and restart my pc. It decdreased to around 15%. Just try it, it is very simple, if it does not work, try other ways.
  9. Is this Intellipoint program installed on every computer?
  10. Having the same problem, help maybe?
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