Computer freezes or auto shutdown a while after boot

In the past few days, when I turn on my computer, it sometimes freezes after a certain period of time. The mouse does not respond, nor the keyboard, and I have to do a force shutdown.

However, since last night, the problem got worse. At first, it would freeze right after reaching the desktop, and for some reason, the PC may auto reboot after a force shutdown (doesn't seem to happen all the time). Now, my PC sometimes makes it to the login screen before freezing, or gets stuck with a blank screen (no monitor output). Or sometimes, it auto shutdowns a few seconds after turning on, and after auto shutdown it would start up again and then shutdown again (with the screen blank). I can only stop this by pulling the plug.

Also, I noticed that sometimes the desktop would make a weird noise (not a beep), not really sure what it is, but it does not happen all the time.

Sorry if things seem confusing, because it seems that the symptoms that my computer shows isn't the same every time.

I am wondering if it could be a PSU issue, since it is a 270W power supply, and I upgraded my graphics card from a Radeon HD 7450 to a 7750 about 6 months ago. (bought the PC 1 1/2 years ago) However, prior to that, I did a lot of research, and many people said that it should work fine. Doesn't seem to explain why my system would freeze on the desktop previously though.

Windows 8.1 Pro 64 with Media Center
Intel Core i5-3450
HD 7750 connected via PCIe x16 2.0
HP 2311f 23" 1080p connected via DVI
270W PSU
DVD Drive
No overclocking or underclocking!

Original specs: (they upgraded to 8GB ram when I bought the desktop)

I would really appreciate it if anyone could offer some help or advice on how to troubleshoot this problem!
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  1. The link you provided didn't go to your PC. But the 270W PSU would be my first thought. While the 55W HD 7750 should run fine on a small PSU like that, it will depend on the quality of the PSU and the actual amperage and wattage of the +12V rail. Check you PSU's nameplate and see what the +12V rail is rated at.
  2. clutchc said:
    The link you provided didn't go to your PC. But the 270W PSU would be my first thought. While the 55W HD 7750 should run fine on a small PSU like that, it will depend on the quality of the PSU and the actual amperage and wattage of the +12V rail. Check you PSU's nameplate and see what the +12V rail is rated at.

    Thank you for the response! Sorry for the wrong link! Here's the correct one, its a HP Slimline s5-1240d.

    The PSU has a +12Va rail of 9.0A and a +12Vb rail of 16.0A, for a total of 204W

    Here is a photo of the PSU label, hope it works:
  3. Good pic. Yes that PSU should be enough for the HD 7750. Close, but I would think it enough. The HD 7750's 55W max TDP relates to 4.6 amps on the +12V rail. The processor is a 77W (6.4A) unit. So I would think your PSU's size should be fine. That doesn't mean it isn't failing however. Does the issue happen with the lesser card installed?

    I ran an HD 7750 and an Athlon II X4 on a 275W PSU with about that same +12V rating with no issues.
  4. Let's try cleaning up junk files and registry errors to eliminate that possibility. Run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry portions both.

    Next, let's check your memory for errors. Run memtest and have it check each stick of memory individually in the 1st DIMM slot. Let it run for at least one full pass and see if it finds any errors.
    (download the .ISO file and use it to burn a bootable CD. Then boot your PC with the disk and let it run)
  5. Yes the problem occurs when either card is installed. Seems like the problem is getting worse though, now the screen either remains blank (no input) when I power on the system, or attempts to load Windows automatic repair, and gets stuck after a few seconds, and shut down and power on itself again. By that, I mean that the desktop power light will turn off and, after maybe 1 second, turn on again, with the fan starting up again. Without being able to power on Windows, I can't get to use CCleaner...
  6. To be more detailed, it seems that one of three scenarios occurs
    1. The PC shut downs after 1 or 2 seconds, the power light turns off, and it will turn on again after 2 or 3 seconds. This sometimes happens multiple times in a row
    2. The PC stays on, starts loading Windows or Windows Automatic repair, but freezes after a while, displaying the blue Windows logo, and after some time, scenario 1 happens again, where the PC shuts down and reboots
    3. The PC stays on, but the monitor does not detect an input
  7. That small PSU may have 'wore itself out' over time. Especially if it is a cheap one. Some of those symptoms seem PSU related. Have you tried booting to Safe Mode (F8) to see if the situation still happens?
  8. Ok thank you for your help! I will replace my PSU soon and see if it fixes the problem. Just wondering, since my PC is a Slimline, it can only fit certain PSU sizes. If I replace it with the same 270W PSU, does it mean that i should swap out my HD 7750 permanently for the original 7450? What about if I manage to find a slightly higher 300W PSU? Thank you once again!
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    After reviewing the situation a little more, I'm not totally convinced that the issue is the PSU. It's the most likely culprit, but those symptoms are also indicative of motherboard trouble. A new PSU would be the cheaper of the trial and error fixes, but maybe not the answer. Troubleshooting from afar is always dicey.

    The PSU in your slim line may be a TFX12V: Check the pics on Newegg's website to see if the shape matches yours. Or post a pic of the inside of your case showing the PSU completely.
    There's no sense in getting the same size as long as you are replacing it. This is the one I would recommend replacing it with if the PSU is a TFX12V:

    Have you done the CCleaner and memtest runs I mentioned above?
  10. Okay thanks for your advise, I think i will bring my desktop down to a repair shop for them to troubleshoot if this is the case.

    My PSU seems to be smaller than the one you mentioned...

    No, i could no longer get my PC to boot to the desktop
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