Why is my computer not turning on? Need some advise

Good evening guys.

I guess I am going to need your help regarding this issue.
So, I won't bore you and would get to the point.

The thing is, until last night, my PC was running great. Then I connected my pen drive to copy data and I got power surge in one of the ports warning. I could do nothing so removed the pen drive and let that moment slide by. Then after an hour I shut down my PC and went to sleep, but immediately it restarted on its own. I shut it down again and it restarted again. This happened for like 5 times. I was left with no choice but to turn off the main power and by turning off the UPS.

Now today no matter what I do, the CPU won't turn on. No lights, no fans, nowhere. Nothing at all.

I am in trouble since I can't resume my work because all the data is stored in it. I also do not have another computer to use the hard drive and continue the work.

Any idea on what could have happened? Any tips or suggestions on what to do? Please do not hesitate in posting as all suggestions are welcome, just anything you can think of. I am willing to provide full co-operation as well.

System specifications -

Intel Core i5 - 2500K @ 3.33 GHz
Corsair Vengeance 8 GB @ 1333 MHz
Western Digital Caviar 500 GB
Cooler Master RS-600 eXtreme 600W
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6850 - 1 GB
Samsung SyncMaster S22B370
Gigabyte H77-DS3H Motherboard

Thanks a lot.

Edit - I would also like to mention that when I opened the case, I heard constant beeps (very soft and quiet, almost difficult to hear). They did not have any pattern, were short beeps and were continuous.
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  1. Hi, Try leaving only CPU and CPU fan and start the board. See if the CPU fan is spinning and if any beeps.
  2. As you said, I removed each cable from the motherboard except CPU and fan. System worked fine. Then I put in each cable one by one and tried to start. When I removed the cable of front USB ports (the ones which caused power surge), system started up (All cables plugged in except it)). CPU Fan, GPU Fan, System Fan #3, all started up well and system booted up. Windows loaded normally. Its all good. Thanks a lot for guidance on this one. :)

    So I guess the USB ports were the problem. I will keep them removed.

    But now the old problem returned. CPU is re-starting after shutting it down. I have to shut it down and turn off PSU via back each time I want it to actually shut down. What could be causing this? Thanks for the help once again sir. See if you can help out on this one too.

    (No I am not forgetting about B.A. haha)
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    You're welcome.
    If removing all wires from the front panel connector (power and reset switches) and starting the board by shorting the 2 pins from the motherboard corresponding to the power button with a screwdriver, is it the same?
    If yes, then starting the board outside the case generates the same issue?
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