SSD,H100i or a new monitor? Please help.

So I thought adsense would give me 371 but its 308 and i live in the UAE so shipping will cost a lot...AMAZON ONLY.

I can get

corsair h100i
120GB Samsung EVO SSD
Two corsair sp120 fans.

for 253 and maybe i can get a pair of headphones or cheap speakers or like a mouse. Or some led's..u know.

Or should i get a monitor? I have an acer x223w q now..its not even 720p...

Should i live with it for now and get the other stuff or a monitor?

NOTE i can just get this and thats all but no SSD or anything else..whats the better thing to do?
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  1. It depends on where your priorities are.

    The H100i is only worth it if you intend to overclock heavily and run demanding applications, such as number crunching or video editing. It would probably have a negligible impact on real life performance otherwise.

    An SSD would definitely speed up day to day work by a lot if you're coming from an HDD.

    The monitor, however, would be my pick. I have recently bought an Asus PB248Q and the image quality is just so much better than on my old monitor. It also comes precalibrated. Especially when gaming the difference is like night and day.

    Decide for yourself where your priorities are and pick accordingly.
  2. so should i get thta 200 dollar moniotr or something cheaper like 150$ and get an SSD with that? or that better monitor?
  3. Again, it depends. If you have no SSD then I would probably buy a cost effective SSD and a monitor, yes. Monitors, however, show little correlation between pricing and performance. You should read up on reviews and see which monitor fits your budget. I cannot recommend one because I informed myself about a different price class.

    Many people however swear on cheap korean IPS / PLS monitors, which may or may not fit your budget. I am afraid that I can't help you with that, though.
  4. well my thought is mean I wont have any games for a while cause how would i get cash? and the h100i and the sp120s will make it look so hot....So this monitor is good for minecraft, good for warthunder I guess..for now and what else would i play for a while? Right?
    Im 14 and i live in the UAE (But im american) so dont ask why i cant get cash xD u cant get jobs at 14 in this country. I could do chorus but u know
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    You know, I actually just noticed your system specs. If gaming is all you care about then I would get a cheap gaming grade monitor and invest the rest in games. Your system is very adequate for any current game and a Corsair H100i would be overkill given your budget. The SSD would only noticeable increase Windows loading times and will do little for games which would be saved on your HDD anyway.

    You could always get a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo instead, which is cheap and has decent cooling power, and overclock your CPU a little if you're into that. It's really not necessary though for gaming. Gaming is for the most part still very much GPU limited. An overclocked CPU will only get you a small performance increase in SOME games that actually tax the CPU (Starcraft II, as example). However, your CPU is adequate even at stock clocks.

    TLDR: Get cheap gaming monitor, spend the rest on games, have fun.
  6. Ill think about it. Thanks :) Just gonna wait for other answers before i select solution.
  7. Hey, so when u said HDD and the games are already on there, Nope...I didnt even build the PC YET. WAITING for my case. So I might get hows this? If u changed ur mind, should i get an SSD and H100i cause i didnt even build the pc yet. I dont only care about gaming. I want fast and fluid speeds for the internet and just a really fast system. Mainly gaming of course. Changed ur mind? if not, hows that monitor? I will have enough for BF4 after i get that so thats a game i can buy.
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