Best graphic card under 4000RS

i am having intel core i3 530 @2.93 GHz and 4 GB of RAM and i am currently using ATI Radeon 4300/4500 series 2 GB graphic card and a screen with resolution 1680X1050 x 59 hertz
i want to buy a new graphic card under 4000Rs my budget is very tight so i cant increase the amount please suggest the best graphic card under 4000Rs
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  1. I suggest you save up more as you really wont get anything decent with that budget
  2. yea u need to save up more money the only gpu you could buy with that money is 6670 1gb gddr3
  3. Best GPU under 4000 Rs. - None
  4. I know guys but please help me on this my budget is too short can't increase it.Just let me know the best i could get under 4000Rs.
    How about Radeon HD5670 or HD6670 somebody suggested that. And yes which i should get a 1GB or 2 GB graphic card according my screen resolution??
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    AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB GDDR5, don't get the GDDR3 version.
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