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Hello everyone.

I had a stock HP that I'v had for a bit now, and a little while ago I decided to finally upgrade the integrated GPU to something with a bit more power. The old GPU was only 32 bit compatible, But the new one is 64 bit. The OS the PC came with is the 64 Bit version of windows, But obviously because of the card, The display mode was locked to 32. Now that I have a 64 bit capable GPU, The OS is running in full 64 bit mode, But the display mode is still stuck on 32 bit.

I'm wondering how to enable 64 bit display mode, Now that the GPU can actually handle it. I'm not too sure if I'm just missing an option somewhere, Or maybe it's something a bit more complex. I just hope I don't have to completely re-install windows to do this. That would be a bit of a pain.

Any help is appreciated, and thanks for taking the time to read through all this.
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    Pardon me!

    When an Os or a device states how many bits it is, it relates to how much data it can pass along its connector or bus/ interface.

    The 64 bit relates to that.

    The screen resolution of any card has a maximum color display of 32 bits true color.
    32 shades of a color, in a color pallet. RGB then Intermix of the colors.

    It defines the amount of color and range that can be displayed.
    At a given resolution of the screen, for each pixel of the screen.
    Color combinations of each pixel displayed.
  2. Huh. Really? There isn't a 64 bit display? I always just figured there was since before recently I never used a 64 bit OS before. Well, I feel silly now. I thought it might be something simple, Since everything else was running perfectly fine.

    Thanks for pointing that out. Otherwise I may have bin trying to fix an issue that didn't even exist.
  3. Xumtosis said:
    Otherwise I may have bin trying to fix an issue that didn't even exist.

    If it's any consolation, you aren't alone. DAMHIKT
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