Can i clean thermal grease with Methylated Spirits + water?

In my area, all the chemists and pharmacies i go to tell me that i can't buy high purity isopropyl alcohol, they did however suggest that i use methylated spirits and add water to it. Can i do this to clean my cpu or would it be a stupid and dangerous idea? I've placed an order for some isopropyl online, but that will take a long time to deliver. The product i bought from the pharmacy is called "Specially Methylated Spirits" and has a label that says "Contains: Methanol 2%"
I live in Brisbane Australia and when i ask anyone where i can buy some they say due to new government regulations they cant sell the high purity stuff since it's basically alcohol or whatever.
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  1. Just regular rubbing alcohol will work. I usually just use the either the 70% or 90% stuff from walmart. I prefer to use the 90. Any store that sells band-aids should have that.
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    I just use lint free toilet paper. You don't really need chemicals. If the old paste is all hard and crusty you can use a wash cloth with a tiny drop of hot water.

    Any rubbing alcohol is ok. Just use a small amount. 2-3 drops, the purity or mixture will not matter, as long as you don't submerge the cpu-gpu and you don't get anything on the contacts

    I have used the little alcohol pads that one might use to clean their skin before a shot. Those work well and are clean and easy.
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