PC screen activity capturing software (multiple monitors)

I have 4 workstations on 4 separate networks that i'd like to "DVR" and remote monitor using 1 machine VIA second network card on each original workstation. Each one of these machines use 4 displays (1280x1024) What would be a good software to run to capture/monitor this type of setup? I don't want this software to use up too much of the CPU's processing power.

Thank you for any help or advise
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    It sounds like you want a type of software called "Classroom Monitoring" software.
    This is an open source one that might work, i know of other paid ones, but I don't know if they would show the multiple monitors, (or even need to, since the system kind of considers it to be one display)
    Like this one: (you might find another one you like more)
  2. Thanks for the info, ill look into them and see if they will suite my needs!
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