Ok guys I have a problem that maybe you can help with regarding a games running slow.

here are my system spec
Asus Sabertooth 990FX
16GB ddr3 Ram 8gb x2
AMD Phenom X6 1100
2 Nvidia GTX 295 running in Quad SLI

When playing Assassins creed 4 black flag I get extreme lag not sure if its video or the computer as the video will lag so bad as to make it unplayable in fight scenes. even just standing still the scenery will keep stuttering and just freezing sometimes?
Any suggestions
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  1. try to update your gpu drivers to the latest and lower antialiasing if it is maxed. hope that helps
  2. The port to PC from conlose is really bad with Ubisoft games.
  3. can 295's use the correct level of DX for AC BF?
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    13thmonkey said:
    can 295's use the correct level of DX for AC BF?

    I do not believe it supports the appropriate versions, which would be the issue. It seems like it might be time to get a card that supports those latest versions to run new games properly.
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