Fx 8350 + 2 GTX 760's SLI

Hey there!

I recently completed my first build, which has a FX-8350 CPU on a gigabyte UD5 mobo with 2 gigabyte gtx 760's SLI'd.

It runs most games flawlessly, BF 4 at 60-80 fps on ultra, last light at around 60.

My problem occurs when playing RIFT, with every single thing selected to be maximum (this much higher above their ultra pre-set) with supersampling and max everything. It doesn't lag normally i sit around 50-60fps, but when I do a conquest match and there is between 100-200 people fighting in one area my fps drops down to about 20-30 fps.

Afterburner shows my GPU's at 70/50% load respectively, with temperatures of 60/50 degrees respectively.

Is my FX-8350 bottlenecking or having trouble loading everything? Using HW monitor and windows performance monitor it is showing the average cpu usage around 50-60%.

No components are overclocked as of right now, but overclocking the cpu is my next goal.
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  1. Rift I think has poor SLI support. To be honest, you should have just bought a single fast GPU.
  2. Most MMOs (if not all) heavily rely on he CPU as well, so your bet bet would be to OC your CPU.
  3. Average cpu usage tells you absolutely nothing. You could have 12.5% usage with your cpu bottlenecking your gpus (core #0 @ 100% and core #1-7 at 0%). I can guarantee you that at least one of your cpu cores is maxing out and that is why you are getting low fps with a lot of people around.
  4. MMO's in general dip in FPS when a lot of people are around. Connection speed also matters in MMO's.
  5. I went with the SLI setup as an experiment, thought it would be neat to test out and see how it goes.

    @wanderer11, if this is the case is there any solution other than just OC'ing the cpu? or is the load distribution just the games part and I cant solve that?
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    Well first you should played the game in windowed mode and watch task manager>performance to see the core usage graphs to make sure one is maxing out. If it is the only solution is to OC or get a new cpu.
  7. Thanks for your help!
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