AMD Athlon 250 + GT 440 GDDR 5 OC PSU 450W

Hello everyone, i have an Pc with:
Motherboard: AsRock N68-S UCC
Processor: AMD Athlon II 250 3.0GHz
GPU: nVidia GT 440 GDDR5 1GB - Gainward version
HDD: 500GB WC blue
PSU: 450Watt cheap no name PSU(comes with case)
+3.3V 22A - +5V 22A - +12V 19A
+5v & 3.3v combinet load 210w
+5v & 3.3v & 12v combined load 430watt

Now, i want to overclock my CPU to 3.4GHz or 3.6GHz, also i want to overclock the GPU too.
But im not sure if my PSU is capable of this OC, what do you think ? Can i do this OC without risking any damage to my PC/PSU ?
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  1. This is what i get with games atm
    COD MW3 all max FullHD - Fraps bench Frames: 6003 - Time: 120000ms - Avg: 50.025 - Min: 38 - Max: 68
    BF bad company 2 fullHD low-med Frames: 4436 - Time: 120000ms - Avg: 36.967 - Min: 26 - Max: 61
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