My mac ibook g4 when booting wants to do a network install and i have no idea on how to get it to boot from hard drive?

Okay so a little info- i have a Mac Ibook g4 powerpc, i've been trying to install a version of linux on it. (I'm usually a pc guy) So i've been doing this n that to get it to boot into linux to install and still can't but that is not my issue. And my problem- At one point came across the the boot options in the ibook system settings, so i looked through them, i recall seeing "normal boot"/boot from hard disk and another option "network install" there could've been more but i can't remember. So looked through them and noted it and went about doing other stuff on the ibook, I didn't realize it at the time but i had accidently selected "network install". So i rebooted it sometime later and now every time it reboot's it try's to do a network install. Any advice to get it out of this mode would be greatly appreciated?
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  1. okay i've tried all of the boot commands, i have a few that works, such as
    mouse down Eject removable media ( I think Boot ROMs prior to 2.4f1 excluded the CD drive )

    opt Bring up OF system picker on New World machines

    cmd-opt-o-f Boot into open firmware

    i think i could fix it with the open firmware thing but the previous owner has it passworded and i dont know the password, any ideas?
  2. We can't help you with the password issue. Discussions on how to bypass security measures are not allowed on Tom's Forums. We have no means to verify you are the legal owner of the system in question. Sorry.

    Do you have contact with the previous owner?
  3. nope no contact and owned it for a long while anyways, and by any ideas i was more meaning using "opt Bring up OF system picker on New World machines" to install a dif operating system perhaps
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