File Transfer, RAID Help.....Does anyone know how I can recover my files?

Ok, I am terrified I may have just lost all of the pictures of my kids from the last 3 year. Why I didnt have a back up in the first place is a different store all together.

A couple weeks back, I decided I wanted to update my 8 year old Dell Studio 540 with a new GPU, PSU, and CPU. I installed everything (updated the q8200 to q9650). After playing around with it, decided I wanted to build a new Windows 8 gaming PC. I ordered all the stuff off newegg and put the computer together. I used the NEW PSU & GPU (Nvidia GTX760) that I had purchased for my old DELL Studio 540.

Not knowing that my hard drives from my old computer are configured in RAID from the factory (2x 700MB 7200 WD HDD's) I removed them from my old computer, and plugged them into the new MSI motherboard on my new system with the intention of transferring all of my data to my new computer.

After the install, I accessed storage management on Windows 8.1. The computer recognized the drive, but it was in RAW format, and I was unable to access anything on the HDD. Other than this, I DID NOTHING. I Made NO changes what so ever. I simply removed the hard drives from my new computer and put them back in my old DELL.


IT says STATUS FAILED, not Bootable

I dont feel like I did ANYTHING to these hard drives. I didnt know they were in RAID, otherwise I wouldnt have removed them in the first place. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!

IS there ANYTHING I can do to secure my data?


- Build new computer
- Removed RAID setup drives out of old computer
- Installed drives in new computer
- discovered I count access them & removed them
- re-installed in old setup, now system wont boot
-The HDD were not FORMATTED, PARTITIONED, anything!

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  1. RAID 0 or RAID 1?
  2. Looks like RAID 0
  3. Also, its worth mentioning that everything that was taken out of my old system when I did the updates (CPU,GPU,PSU) Have been re-installed. I doubt this has anything to do with RAID 0 or booting. Before I installed my q9650, I installed the latest BIOS drivers, but everything worked perfect after that.
  4. "Looks like RAID 0"

    Check if SATA is set to RAID in BIOS. And connect them to the same SATA ports as before.
  5. at start up..

    one of my hard disks says.....(Non RAID Disk)

    The other.....(Member Disk 0)

    My data is gone isnt it?
  6. Try setting SATA to IDE in BIOS, leaving only the member disk 0 connected and see if the system does boot from it (in case it was RAID 1).
  7. only options are RAID & ATA under the (SATA MODE) option in BIOS. I have tried changing it to ATA and booting from both drives with no success.
  8. If at all possible, put it all back in the original PC, with the drives connected in exactly the same SATA ports as before.

    (Digital pictures that exist in only one place may be considered to not exist at all)
  9. Best answer
    Joel Stilwell said:
    only options are RAID & ATA under the (SATA MODE) option in BIOS. I have tried changing it to ATA and booting from both drives with no success.

    It seems that the metadata on the HDD reported as non member is corrupt.
    It would be good to clone the HDDs firstly and then test some recovery methods.
    Try googling for them:

    "But against all odds I was able to recover the raid.
    I used Hiren's BootCD (Hiren's BootCD 10.4 - and used MbrFix 1.3 (thought it has some other great MBR tools) to recover windows partitions and to install new windows 7 MBR.
    After that I booted with Windows 7 DVD and repaired the startup."

    or, before altering for good the data on the HDDs, look for experts:
    It might be expensive though.

    Bottom line, data can be recovered, just don't mess it.
  10. Called a few of the IT Storage Restoration companies with good reviews online. Looks like the average price is anywhere from $500-$3,000 depending on how complicated the recovery procedure is. I just don't have the money. Guess it's time to format and make better back up decisions in the future.
  11. Try one of the solutions on the net before. It might work.
  12. alexoiu, Thanks for the quick replies and the good information. Unfortunately, I was unable to recover my files. I went ahead an formatted my hard drives and reinstalled windows. This time, WITHOUT RAID. What a learning experience. Why would any manufacturer use RAID in the first place. This was the first manufactured PC I purchased when my wife and I got married, I was done building PC's for myself. Wont make that mistake again.

    Thanks again for the replies
  13. You're welcome. I wish I could really helped you.
  14. Did you try any raid recovery software? Step 1 would be to recover the raid, once you do that successfully then the files are a breaze usually.
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