Can u find somewhere the AMD FX-6100 stock fan specs?

I want to compare with other CPU coolers...
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  1. Any aftermarket cooler is better. Seriously, a $5 one is an improvement.
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    Generally the main issue with the cooler is that it is loud, the last one FrostyTech tested was the one for the AM2 socket which had a difference of 17C at an impressive 62dB, a Hyper 212+ did 14.4C at 50.1dB. Thats the sound difference between a quiet urban environment and heavy traffic at 300 feet, its a rather large volume difference in practice and is often the main reason people change out the fan.

    For the most part no one really tests the stock coolers because they aren't that good, and you can't buy them aftermarket anyway.
  3. Ok.Thank you.
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