my laptop can't connect to my schools wired internet

My laptop wont connect to morehead state university's wired internet. It works because my xbox will play netflix when connected to the same place. I have connected my xbox to wireless internet using this laptop on a different internet connection. I have fixed a similar problem by setting some sort of setting from dynamic to static, so it accepts all types of internet connection or something?
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  1. What operating system are you running?
  2. What does your school's IT dept say?

    Dynamic to static probably is the IP address, but without knowing what the static IP address should be, it is impossible for us to speculate on what it should be.

    If you're living in the dorm, how do other people connect?
  3. I use windows 8 unfortunately. And when i talked to the IT department, i thought there was simply no internet so i told them that and they said they would fix it. But i found out there is internet, after they closed. Everyone has an ethernet port in their room, at least in this building. Others have internet, and i can connect to it with my xbox, but not with my laptop
  4. See if you can look at someone else's laptop network settings and duplicate that.
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    Go to Network and Sharing Center, click on Change Adapter Settings, then a window will open up showing you your network adapters/ports. Right-click on the wired port you're trying to use to connect, then left-click on Properties.

    Double-click on "Internet Protocol Version 4" entry in the list, and when the next window opens up make sure the radio button is clicked next to "Obtain an IP address automatically". Your problem may be that you have it hard-coded to a specific IP address from a previous setting. Most campus LANs, and most buildings everywhere, assign IP addresses dynamically (automatically), and if you've already set your network port to a specific address then it may not work. The static address may not even be for the same network being used in your dorm.
  6. have you tried disabling firewalls and antivirus?
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