how can i find a Notebook that i can upgrade it's Gpu and cpu Easily

hi i wanna buy an Notebook that can help me to play games and able to upgrade its gpu Easily
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    If you want upgradable GPUs, be prepared to spend a bit more money. Laptops just aren't as standardized as desktops, and while there are laptops with removable GPUs, most are built into the motherboard.

    As for an upgradable CPU, most mid-range or higher laptops have removable CPUs that can be upgraded within the same processor family. However, laptop CPUs aren't as available as desktop CPUs. Most laptop CPUs available to the average consumer can be found on used computer part sites or eBay.

  2. Are you willing to spend around a minimum of $1,300 or $1,400 on a laptop? Only specific gaming oriented laptops will allow you to upgrade the graphics card. Just because a gaming laptop costs $2,500, that does not automatically mean you upgrade the graphics card.... Like I stated, "specific gaming oriented laptops".
  3. The closest you might get is one of the LENOVO laptops that let you add a 2nd "card" where the DVD drive normally sits.

    There's no CPU upgrading there, and you require an IDENTICAL card from them so it's SLI (the other GPU is soldered to the motherboard).

    So the short answer to your question really is NO as above, upgrading isn't simple.

    *Buy the best laptop you can afford that gives the best GPU for value (i.e 760M or whatever) and forget about upgrading.
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