2 graphics cards, one running please help!

hi all, i have an msi gt70 2od, and it appears to have an intel 4600 graphics card and the nvidia gtx780m in the same computer, for a combined total of four gb. however it is only running the intel one, so how would i run the nvidia one or both at the same time?

Thanks for the help!!
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    Your laptop hardware and/or software will determine which will be used.
    On my sony vaio. I have a physical stamina/speed switch.
  2. Did you connect the DVI, VGA, HDMI, etc. to the gpu? and did you make sure you have an sli bridge connected to both cards?
  3. have you installed the proper drivers for your graphic cards? the intel one sounds like the onboard built in graphics. the other ones need to be manually downloaded from the manufacturers webstites.
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