Will i need to re-install windows after upgrading my mobo?

Hi all,

I am upgrading my mobo due to my graphics card incompatibility, from a foxxconn that came with my hp pavillion p7-1597c (psu already changed to 500w psu) to a Msi H61M-P31. Will i need to reinstall windows 8? If i do, how do i install without buying a windows 8 disk cause windows 8 was already installed when I bought my computer.

Please help! Thx
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    For best results, yes, reinstall Windows. As for how to reinstall, you can probably go to the Microsoft website and using your Windows Product Key (should be on a label attached to the outside of the computer. usually on the side or back) and download Windows as a file that you can burn to disc or use from a USB drive. Instructions should be on the website. Otherwise, call HP and tell them you need a Windows disc and they will likely send you one free of charge.
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