System Restore using a previous system image re-partitioned/formatted my external hard drive - now unaccessible

My computer has been having raid array issues and I find myself having to delete the array and rebuild it and restore my computer with the system image once every two or three months or so. The most recent attempt at this however did not work, as the image might have been corrupted by the time I created it. So I restored the laptop to factory settings just so it could work.

However, when I attempted to reconnect my external drives, I realize that one of my 1TB drives (which I'd reassigned to D) is now being read as G:, under a different name, and formatted like another 640GB drive that I'd previously used, with all the data gone. Since this was unplugged during the factory reset, I am assuming the image restore messed with the drive. I plugged the external into another computer and it showed me that it was blank and only had 640GB. Disk manager showed that the remaining space was unallocated. I have not tried removing the letter and then adding the letter D: back, since I suspect that would solve little. But I do note that the letter D: is not available for reassignment, leaving me hope that I can fix this and recover my data somehow.

So my question is: what should I do now to recover the data on my external drive?
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  1. I'm currently trying Recuva- I suppose I will try other recovery or try to get the partition back as a next option. Would partition restore count as over-writing and lead to inability to recover data?
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