Getting a constant beeping sounds on new build when power up

I have built a new PC however when I press the power button I keep getting a constant beeping sounds for about 10 seconds then it restarts and tries again. My thought was something to do with the memory or power supply but at a bit of a loss.

Gigabyte z87-dhu
Corsair cx500
8gb Kingston hyperx
Intel i5 4670k

Any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. pull and reseat ram/video card.
  2. Thanks for the response I have tried reseating both the ram (tried a number of configurations) and graphics card with the same issue.

    To add to my first post the ram is 2 4gb sticks in a dule arrangement (double checked in correct ports etc).

    Graphics card is a gigabyte gtx660


    Edit: just checked on the gigabyte website and constant short beeps indicates a power issue, I have tried reseating the mother board 2x4 and 2x12 pins connection but have the same issue.
  3. Issue solved was a memory issue
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