Windows raid install not reading other usb drives or cd roms

I'm trying to reinstal windows 7 pro 64 bit on my gb g1 sniper fm2+ mb.

I have windows 7 on both cd and usb, and I have this problem installing from either.

Here is the basic situation:

-bootable usb drive with windows plugged into the back of the mb via usb 2.0

-usb drive plugged into the back of the mb via usb 2.0 with raid drivers

-cd rom in cdrom drive with raid drivers

-3rd usb drive plugged into the back with raid drivers

I wanted to be sure that it was not my usb drives that where bad or the ports so i had multiple medias with the drivers on them.

-I have mb set to raid, and all others set to as sata type

Here is what happens:

When windows installation loads it prompt for "browse" files for the raid drivers. When I click on browse nothing shows up but the x: boot drive! I did try un-checking the known driver box thing just in case it was hiding something, but no luck. The issue is the media and files do not show up at all, as if I have nothing plugged in other then the boot drive.

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  1. Let me get this right, your installing windows through a boot able usb device.
    Do you have more than one usb stick plugged into the system with the raid drivers on ?
    Or do they reside on the same Usb boot able windows 7 flash drive or pen.

    Secondly If you are also saying you cannot see the Cd or dvd drive or the motherboard driver disk to point to the raid drivers.

    Its because the board cannot see the device, as the Sata driver has to be installed since the Dvd or cd drive mode is set to sata mode.

    If you set the interface mode in the bios to Ahci you should then be able to point it to the Cd in the sata dvd or cd rom drive. to install the sata driver and software raid driver.

    Personally I use the hardware setup of the extended bios.

    When you set two or more drives up in raid

    1tb drive mode raid 1tb drive mode raid.
    Dvd rom sata, or Ahci mode.

    Once you set two drives in the bios to raid, next time you boot you should have an option to create format the two drives for the raid via the f10 key on the next post.

    You have to physically do this to make the raid active. Setting the raid mode, Mirrored, or Striped, then it formats and sets the raid up. This part has to be done before the windows install by a cd or a usb stick.

    Setting the mode to raid in the bios does not create the array.
    It just states the drives to be used as part of it.

    As I said there is an extra F key option on post. where the extended bios can create the raid array and type and mode. format both drives ect. Creating the array.
  2. What I'm doing is installing windows on ssd so I have my hdd's disconnected during this process. I will then point my user acct to a raid 1 later. I've done this before and it works great. The problem is windows set up can not read my cd rom drive or usb drives, it only seems to read the bootable usb drive with windows on it. I have multiple usb drives plugged in with the raid drivers, it reads none of them.
  3. With onchip data type set to ahci the CD ROM and USB drives show up at load driver. When turned to raid they do not. It needs to be set to raid upon install.
  4. Put your motherboard drivers on a usb. It won't read any other usb or cd untill they are loaded. I know it sounds funny as you can access them to install up until this point. Give it a try, worked for me.
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