My new custom built computer won't connect to my monitor

They have been used together before perfectly, then i had to move my computer to a new stop and now all of a sudden their not connecting, my Gpu is Gtx 760. Any suggestions??
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  1. If everything worked fine before, it's possible that the video card was jarred loose during the move or the card is defective and it just took this long for the defect to show itself. Be sure to check to make sure the monitor isn't the problem as well.
  2. is there anyway to tell if it is my video card?
  3. use a different card or a mobo output if your computer has one.
  4. idk what mobo is but i plugged the dvi cord( or whatever it is just not vga) into the onboard graphics plugin from the motherboard, that also did not work.
  5. are you sure you tight every component probably ? check everything sounds like something went loose
  6. ok ill do that thanks
  7. i checked all the cords, reinstalled my gpu and ram and still no dice.... anything else?
  8. and cpu ? main atx cable ,cpu fan cable ,atx12v all set?
  9. yeah there all connected, one of my ram sticks weren't push in all the way but I fixed it and still nothin. I'm taking it to geek squad to get them to look at it.
  10. So the computer isn't the problem, and I don't think the cord is either because I bought a new DVI cord and tried it with my monitor and it didn't work, any ideas what might be wrong with the monitor?
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