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This is my first pc build. Everything was fine until I tried to turn it on and it shorts out. I have read the manual and on the 6 pin slot on the top left corner of the motherboard (btw im using an asus sabertooth z87). And it said that it would short out when the power supply has low wattage. I was using the EVGA 1000w power supply. My build contains; intel i7 4770k, corsair h100i, 4x4gb corsair dominator ram, gael ram cooling thing, asus gtx 680, a fan controller, lg optical drive, western digital 1tb hard drive, and 5 corsair fans. So do i need to get a higher watt power supply?
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  1. your psu is more than enough, and the top left corner suppose to be an 8 pin or 4+4 pin ,check that cable and see if it really is a 8 or 6 pin if it's 8 then maybe you have a faulty psu
  2. Its an 8 pin but i can only put a 6 pin connector on it
  3. why? maybe that's the problem
  4. well do u have anything to help me plug in the other 2 pins?
  5. Tekmoed said:
    well do u have anything to help me plug in the other 2 pins?

    do you have an 8 pin? every psu should have one and the 8 pin only come in one way cause there's a latch same with the 24 pin
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    Your PSU will have an 8-pin connector for the CPU power. It sounds like you're trying to plug the 6-pin connector in that's meant to be plugged into the GPU. The 8-pin plug is probably split into two 4-pin connectors that can be hooked together.
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