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Hi, im going to cut to the chase, I cannot clone my HDD ( western digital blue 1 tb) to my SSD (kingston HyperX 3K SSD 240 gb). I have tried a bunch of programs mainly AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 5.5 and i got close by individually copying each partition to the ssd, but when i booted from it the computer said that a critical file was missing and required a backup disk drive thing which i don't have... Also i know i have enough space on the ssd to transfer everything from the hdd. Also the the hdd is in a Basic GPT format (i don't know if its classified as a format or not) and the ssd is in an mbr format. the program that i was using said that i couldn't clone because the hdd was in a gpt format so i tried to find a gpt to mbr converter but when i opened it up it was the other way around. I am really not sure where to go from here any help would be awesome thanks. Also i am using windows 8
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  1. Doesn't Kingston provide data migration software? Have you tried
  2. nope the one i got didn't include it
  3. Intel don't include it either, but it can be downloaded from their site. If I were you I'd definitely try the Paragon solution.
  4. I was just successful (after some trials and tribulations) with Macrum Reflect Free and the Macrum Rescue Media that you can create.

    Here's the thread I just created:

    Good luck.
  5. Go into Disk Management and right click on the SSD. Select "Convert to GPT." Then your cloning should work.

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    I ended up using whats called "msi burn recovery" and made a recovery usb then booted with only my ssd and turned off fast booting also changed my bios start up option to Csm with some other word but i figured it out. thanks for helping with the problem
  7. Glad to see that you got it solved. First that I've heard of that program.

    Thanks for posting back with the solution that worked!

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