Power supply doesnt have the right plug

I bought this power supply and have everything plugged in and there is no 4 pin power for the thing that says atx12v am i missing something or do i just not need it?
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    1 x 24pin main connector
    1 x 8pin EPS12V CPU < This splits into 2 = 4+4
    4 x PCI-E
    8 x SATA
    6 x Peripheral
    2 x Floppy

  2. KillBot said:
    The PSU probably has the plug. Check again - it might be a larger plug that splits into the 4 pin. Just use the part that has the proper clip and leave the other part loose.

    edit- Just saw SR-71s post - That EPS12V probably splits in half.

    thank you so much it did split
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