My First Gaming PC Build Jan. 2014 For Under $1500

Hey everyone i'm new around here but I must say this is an awesome site!
As the title says this would be my first gaming pc that I will be building myself. I'm curious as to what the community thinks about it and I want to hear your guys' opinions :D

Much Thanks :)
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  1. If you want to overclock, you'll need a Z87 motherboard. I'll make a revised build. Also, I think you should get a 60hz monitor and put more money into the GPU
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  3. tyvm lucasz. I can't wait :D
  4. Good build and good choice of components. But here are three things I would change about it:

    - Look at 840 EVO SSD from Samsung. They may be cheaper and faster than Seagate 600.

    - For the PSU, I woudn't go with a Rosewill PSU, unless your budget is too tight. Choose one from a widely trusted brand in power supplies such as Seasonic and XFX. Anything from these two brands will perform way better.

    - As lucasz already said, you'll need a Z87 board in order to do overclocking.

    Have fun building !
  5. ^^ thank you
  6. shouganai33 said:
    tyvm lucasz. I can't wait :D

    No problem man. Have fun! The 770 is an awesome card
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