New rig crashed,BSOD .Need help!

My new rig is:
Asus maximus hero
Intel 4770k
Asus r290 graphics
16gb (8x2) ram

I was playing Far Cry 3 , after maybe 20-30mins, screen went black, monitor turned off itself, computer kept working.
So i reset the system. Windows booted and as soon as i opened the browser, Bsod ed. Restarted again, and same thing.bsod.

I turned off the system fron the psu. Waited for a minute. The turned it on . Windows booted fine. Started a burnin test with sisoft sandra. Cpu burnin test worked for 30mins. No errors. I started msi combustor. Tried the gpu burnintest , it worked for about 20 mins. No error.

I started both prime95 and msi kombustor gpu burnin at same time. Worked fine , but after 5 mins i terminated them because cpu temparature was about 97degrees. But no errors. (Ups load was about %86)

Memtest finished one pass without any errors.

I dont have a clue what the problem was. Any ideas?

Sorry for the English and typos. Have type from tablet .
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  1. I did a little research. Seems like a "Black screen of death ",which is common with R290 GPU's. Does anyone has a info , solution about this?
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