Disabling cores on the amd fx 4130 to reduce required power?

I'm running the FX 4130 quadcore 3.8 ghz processor. I have the option to disable 2 cores to make it dual core on my bios. its original tdp is 125 watts, If i disable 2 cores.... Will this cut the amount of watts i need for it in half?

I'm asking this because I currently have a ATX 480 psu and the estimated wattage i need for my entire pc is 301. But this psu isnt 80 plus bronze or anything, I'm starting to see hardware failure. Tearing in some games, one game required my computer to be in highperformance and required my pc to use more power. My PC shutdown and went to the bluescreen.

If disabling it down to a dualcore, will this reduce power consumption from the cpu( required wattage) and help me until I buy a better powersupply
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  1. Yes, the more cores you disable, the lower the max wattage will be.
  2. will it be 50% less if i disable the 2?
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    Not quite. Test it and see. HWMonitor displays CPU Power in watts.
  4. Shutting cores down isn't the answer. If power delivery is really the issue, and it sounds like it might well be, fix it. Get a better psu.
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