Urgent Corsair H100i Question about fans?

It would be great if someone can please help me out.

I purchased the Corsair H100i a few days ago. I am in the middle of installing it and do not have enough pins on my motherboard unfortunately, only 1 for the CPU Fan and 1 Case fan.

Luckily Corsair includes a double 4 pin splitter where you can just plug the Corsair H100i fans into the unit and control them via software. There are 2 splitters included. I have two 3 pin fans in my case and my motherboard only supports. I'm wondering if I can use the extra splitter and plug the case fan DIRECTLY into the H100i and have it running it. This would save me the trouble of buying a molex adapter for it. The case fans are 3 pin so obviously it would not be able to support PWM but I'm guessing you can just use 3 of the 4 pins on the adapter?

Also the case does not support fan controller with a 240mm so please don't mention it :) and thanks to anybody that helps.
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    I've had other fans (3 and 4 pin) hooked into the H100i and it powers them just fine.
  2. That is great! Thanks for responding. Does the polarity matter or how it is plugged into the Y Corsair Splitter (3pin fan) ?
  3. I don't see a problem doing that.
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