Taking a year to build a good computer for a new engineering degree. Nothing extreme, but I would like it to last 5 or so year

Structural design computer
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  1. at the beginning of the forum is a thread about how to ask for advice
  2. yes... you need to list details...
  3. 'structural design computer' and 'nothing extreme' are at odds with each other. You're likely to need to buy an actual workstation if you want your software to actually support your system... (and designating with specific software you anticipate would help...) Anything below an i5 with at least a Fermi GPU is likely to end up in the bin or retired to secondary status fairly fast. Anticipate needing 'some' RAM now, and more later as you begin needing to run FEA sims. Lasting 5 years is doubtful because the entire system is likely to be out of spec for your software in three years.
  4. I do apologize for the informality, my first blog. I wish I had details to provide. I'm not sure what specs some of the CAD software will require. I guess I need to research a bit more before I start this build. Thanks
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    I'm not sure if I'm totally understanding you correctly, but you should just do research about what your build should be for most of the year. Once you've decided on what components you need, then go ahead and buy everything at around the same time. This is to avoid the horrible moment of realizing one of your core components you purchased months ago is actually a dud and can no longer be returned normally (must go through manufacturer's warranty instead).
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