Samsung SM841 vs 840 Pro ?

I'm just wondering is the OEM samsung SM841 pulled out from dell is really the same as samsung 840 pro ?
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    or if you dont want to read no it is not.
    i know its a msata part in that link but its the same part you are talking about just in regular form its write speeds are slower than 840pro
  2. Ooh I see.... Thanks for the info
  3. Old thread but need to straighten out misinformation.
    SM841 IS AN DELL OEM version of 840 pro. Identical except firmware.
  4. The SM841 is identical to a RETAIL 840 Pro, I've Crystaldismark tested both side by side, they're identical.

    The difference is that the SM841 is OEM firmware, Samsung Magician does not work with OEM drives (no biggie) and you don't get the Retail 5 year warranty as all OEM parts are warrantied only through the OEM company, such as DELL, HP, SONY, Lenovo, ASUS, ETC.

    Also, Crystaldisk shows my DELL SM841 as a PM841. All I cared about was the performance though, and the performance is identical, everything is the same but OEM firmware, and you don't get that fancy orange square nor the Samsung white text painted.
  5. I just reread the review i linked previously it has slower write speeds like i said before( i do have 840 pro and myn at least does have faster write)and RAPID provides quite a big boost in my opinion so to label them as the same drive would be incorrect( there is a reason it has different part number).
  6. The only thing different is the firmware. Firmware = similar to software.

    The physical hardware is the same drive. Also, you have to compare 256GB to 256GB or 512GB to 512GB as the 512GB is a little faster write than the 256GB, and both 256GB & 512GB are WAY WAY Faster than the 128GB models.

    I have BOTH a 256GB SM841 from a DELL and a RETAIL BOX 840 PRO, and this is their actual crystaldiskmark scores:

    256GB DELL PM841/SM841:

    READ MB/s Write MB/s
    SEQ ........... 524.2 504.0
    512K .......... 484.5 490.6
    4K .............. 37.57 70.14
    QD32 ......... 252.4 234.7

    256GB RETAIL BOX 840 PRO

    READ MB/s Write MB/s
    SEQ ........... 499.1 506.6
    512K .......... 465.1 492.1
    4K .............. 30.47 66.41
    QD32 ......... 226.0 202.6

    When the software SAMSUNG MAGICIAN is used to tweak the OS, YES IT DOES inflate performance a LOT, but that’s cheating, especially with Rapid Mode it’s not really bench testing the SSD, it’s cashing system RAM. IF Samsung Magician worked with OEM firmware, the scores would be the same for either drive.

    Anyone know of a way to flash an OEM PM841/SM841 with a RETAIL 840 Firmware?
  7. I have SM841 128GB SSD. As per information found via gogle it is OEM version of SSD 840 PRO (but don't serve for Samsung Magican software). O would like to us can i flash 840 PRO firmware into My Disk? So it should serve for Magican software then. But I'm afraid that i can broke my disc.
    Thanks for Your kind help - in advance
  8. There is no way to flash the FW of an OEM FW to the retail FW. The retail FW is made by Samsung, the OEM FW is made and placed on the OEM drives by the OEM company when they receive the units and place them into their systems.
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