Can I increase the processor speed of a 1.40GHz laptop to 2GHz?

I have a 1.40GHz laptop. Is there a way to increase it to 2GHz?
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  1. It depends and varys your pc going up another 600 MHz is going to be a great stride for a laptop to begin with you have to go into the bios and play with the setting to do so.. Hope this helps.
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    Overclocking raises up temperatures and power draw very rapidly. The built in battery might not be able to output more power than your current CPU clock needs. Overclocking is also not advisable on laptops as they may not be able to release excess heat produced. So, overclocking is strictly a No.
  3. long story short, no. Those get hot and run at the best possible performance at stock. laptops are designed to run as is
  4. No you cannot and most laptops will not have an option in bios to do so.
  5. no you cannot .... it is a property of laptop u cannot change specially in the old ones .... for that u will have to buy a new laptop
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