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hey guys , when i looked at my build this morning It said "Some AMD 970 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Vishera CPUs." and i already bought the mobo and i'm so scared it might not work with my build. My parents are only giving me one shot at this and if i mess it up im screwed D:

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    fx-6300 requires bios version 1006

    you can update the bios.....
  2. It will be fine. That motherboard allows you to update the BIOS without a CPU.
  3. How do you updtate the BIOS? Sorry, i'm really new to PC building :/
  4. tshombe123 said:
    How do you updtate the BIOS? Sorry, i'm really new to PC building :/

    Ssddx put a link. I usually just put it on a flash drive and boot it through that. Just make sure there is no possibility of a power interruption during the update. Then remove the flash drive before rebooting.
  5. So i guess i need to buy a flash drive :/ Is there a possibility that i don't need to update the BIOS? I really want to build it and use it today. I just bought the mobo like 3 days ago
  6. No, you can put it on a CD. There is a possibility you wont have to though.
  7. check the bios version.. if you have the version i noted then you shouldnt have to.

    if you have an older version then you probably need to.
  8. Ok. Thanks for your help :)
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