Preparing for Maxwell Liquid Cool

Obviously the blocks aren't actually maxwell, just going based on model and such. Naturally I'd assume they'll be upgraded. Also, not everything is specific. Just more or less branding and models of items I'm looking at in preparation. My current Chassis is the Thermaltake 10GT, probably get something else when I upgrade into Broadwell. (CPU Block) (GPU Block) (Pump)
^ Will this pump handle 2 870 Sli and cpu loop? Rad 1 Rad 2 Fittings Tubing

I'm still looking for a good res for this loop.

I wanted to keep myself under $400. But, that didn't happen (want this to last, although it is my first, so probably should make it cheaper). I'll make changes later though as needed. Thoughts and recommendations?

My goal really is to have quality parts and do a cpu+gpu loop down the road. I don't expect it all at once. But, GPU(s) first at least having a good pump so it is strong for the full loop and lifespan.

I could probably tolerate even a "kit" for gpu that can grow into a cpu+gpu loop. But, I feel like I'm better off picking each part.
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    There's no point in discussing this until we see the actual cards and determine what waterblocks work, as well as which ones you get for HEAT dissipation. The same applies for all the parts.

    I definitely don't recommend BUYING anything. Just wait and someone will post EXACT instructions.

    I also recommend buying cards with the WATERBLOCK pre-installed. You can see EVGA for examples:

    My advice is two separate loops. One for the CPU with a pre-done kit like the Corsair H100i, then you only have to deal with the rest of the graphics loop. With pre-done cards that's not too hard. It's also problematic trying to efficiently cool two high-end GPU's and a CPU. It is possible but you need to research that carefully. I know I saw many examples of TWO separate loops.

    If space is a problem, a large radiator for the GRAPHICS, and a single 120mm radiator for the CPU might work as well.

    *It's pretty easy to waste your money, or do this incorrectly.
  2. I actually love that answer as I've greatly considered the H100i with 4 Scythe Gentle Typhoon fans.

    edit: nvm you basically already answered that, bigger the better basically. I can always buy a bigger case, but the thermaltake 10GT is pretty hefty. I'm looking at something along the Fractal design or Corsair Full Tower/Super Tower line

    I was more or less looking into brands and such for the purpose of this. So, I know what to look into later.
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