what video card should i use for my pentium R duel core E5200 - 2.50 GHZ with 1 GB RAM.

My processor is Intel Pentium E5200. mother board is DG31PR. Chipset ; intel P35/ G33/ G31. PSU : AC/230V.

I've searched a lot on the internet about what Video card should I buy and read 100s of reviews yet I'm still not convinced what video card is the best for me. I wish to play high def games and use PS on my PC and that's it.
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  1. Well sir, its not the CPU which is the problem, its the PSU which is main reason you can not get a good video card like HD 7870. But I guess you don't need that kind of power for PS and a little gaming.

    HD 7750 should go ok with your system since it does not require auxiliary power to operate (Consumes just around 43W) but your CPU may bottleneck it a little, CPU overclocking is advised if possible. It should provide good FPS in most games on low settings (HD resolution) and is more than good for PS. Should not put too much strain on your especially weak PSU.

    Just my opinion though.
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