HDD Raid 0 Write Speeds Abnormally Low

About a year ago I created a Raid 0 configuration with two Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB drives. One of these drives is 2 years old and the other was bought for the raid. They are both the same model of drive. The main purpose of the Raid was for storage increase and a small performance boost. As these drives began to fill up, I started to perform tests and compare with my friend's WD caviar black 1TB to see any difference. As expected the raid would out perform the black with larger files. It also did very well with writing data (stats displayed later). These tests were done when the Raid was about 25% full. Recently, the Raid has has reached 50%, so I decided to do some tests on it. I discovered that Raid was performing miserably with writing but the reads were roughly the same. I did some research and attempted the usual responses, Defrag the Partition, Update Raid Drivers, nothing changed. Here are the stats
(Before and After).

Using CrystalDiskMark 3.0.2 x64

50MB Seq Read - Write
Before 127.8MB/s - 152.6MB/s
After 132.6MB/s - 12.74MB/s

1000MB seq Read - Write
Before 189.2MB/s - 159.2MB/s
After 159.2MB/s - 13.19MB/s

I find these write speeds very slow, and I only notice it when installing or downloading a program/game, the entire computer will freeze up. Still able to install, just everything else while installing becomes extremely slow (including windows explorer). So I am pretty much asking what has happened and how can i fix it. I am willing to completely reinstall windows, if that is what it will take. I do not want to run these drives separate as it leads to organization issues. If there is any other solution, that will take less time I am willing to try it. If all else fails, I will reinstall.
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  1. Use the raid management utility to check the smart of the individual drives.
    Do you have write caching enabled or not?
  2. popatim said:
    Use the raid management utility to check the smart of the individual drives.
    Do you have write caching enabled or not?

    Smart of both drives shows no threatening errors.
    Windows states that the raid configuration has write caching disabled (device manager).
    AMD Raid setup (in boot) states caching is set to Read-Through and Write-Back (Defaults, never changed).
    This is an on board Raid chipset.
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