Which is CPU cooling Fans(heatsink) / Liquid Cooling right for my Case and Mobo?

Hello everyone, i just wanted to know before i buy cuz i am afraid i might buy the wrong thing.. i have these rig ..

CPU: i5-3570k
MoBo: Asrock z77 Pro3
Case: Antec 302
PSU: FSP Aurum 650W 80+Gold

My purpose of changing my stock CPU cooling is that i wanted a more silent type one.. cuz when the core temp rises the cpu fan tends to be noiser than usual.. its kinda audible.. so im choosing between a liquid cooling system or the Heatsink type (with fans)

Now, for Liquid Cooling, im considering the current situation.. i tend to move my rig often.. and my own reservation about liquid cooling is that, its risky when something happens like some leaks and stuff.. i think when something happens its more likely that ur whole systems gets affected.. as oppose to Heatsink types that if theres something happens, its more likely that you only have some parts damages (not the whole thing)...

Now, for Heatsink types, what coolers that will fit my current setup, parts given above. that won't cause any disruption to my MoBo parts i.e Memory, capacitors.. and sits perfectly without any problem?... and how do you measure a heatsink cooler to your setup? that u know it will PERFECTLY fit??..

For liquid cooler.. same as above only thing is that the Mobo Parts concerned is the one that is on the rearmost parts.. since the liquid cooling heatsinks will be mostly likely be attached on the rear exhaust(in my CPU case).. and by rear most i mean the PORTS (usb,lan, HDMI) and other connectors(fan 3/4pins) and capacitors...

Hoping that anyone of you will enlighten me.. im kinda confused and lost as to choosing the right kind of CPU cooler for me...
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  1. This is good cpu cooler. You add one fan top or your case if you want.
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