How to block guest user to access cmd.exe ?

I want to create a user in which command prompt is disabled, and I can use same in Administrator account for logging into various devices.
Please help !!!
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    This would be how you would disable the action as a group policy:

    You'll want to enable the administrator account before doing this however, so that you are able to turn it back on again (there's a difference between an elevated account with administrative privileges, and the user account within the OS.

    To do so, use the follow commands:

    net user administrator /active:yes
    net user administrator password *
    The second command will then prompt you to set a password.
  2. Thanxs @SixCoreFiend , i too stumbled on that link when i googled but was unable to reach there on PC , where can i find that "User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System" ?
    Please help
    Also it will take effect on the Guest account only or on all the accounts enabled ??
  3. By default, this group policy would apply to everyone but the system\administrator account (hence why it would be a good idea to enable that before applying the policy.

    You can also target the group policy to specific users or user groups, see for more details.
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